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Irrigreen offers rundown on sprinkler technology at 2017 Irrigation Show

December 20, 2017By

Irrigreen is changing the way we water the world, with an efficient and seemingly technical way of programming sprinklers — only it’s so easy even a kid can set it up, says Ray Lamovec, sales and marketing director at Irrigreen. Find out what else Lamovec had to say about the system. read more

CIT study shows IrriGreen system saves water

October 27, 2016By

IrriGreen‘s Genius Irrigation System has been tested by the Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT), an independent laboratory specializing in scientific testing and objective evaluation of irrigation equipment, to determine overall efficiency and water savings. CIT tested IrriGreen with one Genius computerized smart head per irrigation zone against conventional systems with six to nine mechanical rotors or spray heads per zone.... read more

IrriGreen selected as semifinalist for MN Cup

June 17, 2015By

IrriGreen, based in Minnesota, was chosen as a semifinalist for the 11th annual MN Cup Competition. IrriGreen designed, developed and commercialized the IrriGreen Genius Irrigation System, which uses digital technology adapted from commercial printers. According to the company, this design reduces water use for lawn irrigation by up to 50 percent and cuts contractor installation time by up to 70... read more

IrriGreen intros mobile app for irrigation system

February 19, 2015By

IrriGreen introduced its Genius Mobile App for its IrriGreen Genius Irrigation System. The app, compatible with iOS and Android, is designed to enable contractors to manage their IrriGreen systems from any smart phone, says the company. The app offers interactive zone mapping with a visual display of each irrigation zone and the distances of the sprays from each sprinkler head.... read more

IrriGreen adds 3 new board members

October 14, 2014By

IrriGreen welcomed three new members to its board of directors: Jack Judd, Carl Hung and Andy Vander Woude. Gary Klinefelter, founder and CEO of IrriGreen, said of the designations, “As we bring our break-through, ecofriendly technology to the market, our board members bring us experience and expertise from their successful careers that will help us succeed.” Judd is a CFO... read more

IrriGreen introduces new irrigation system

September 10, 2014By

IrriGreen released the IrriGreen Genius Irrigation System, which uses up to 50 percent less water than ordinary systems, the company said. The system is designed to control its sprinklers to match water patterns to the shape of any lawn. According to the company, the IrriGreen requires the installation and maintenance of up to 80 percent fewer sprinkler heads and up... read more