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Issue Brief: Advocate in your state

March 6, 2017By

All the focus is on Washington these days, and it’s easy to think that all the big, important decisions happen there. But every year, our state legislators take on thousands of issues. Much of their work occurs over a frantic six-month period. During this time frame, elected officials in state Capitols throughout our country make decisions that can have a... read more

Promoting the benefits of landscapes is crucial

September 15, 2016By

In some communities, managed landscapes are under attack—by leaf blower or other noise bans, pesticide bans, code changes, water restrictions or other regulations. If this isn’t happening in your area right now, it may happen in the future. At the very least, the contributions of landscape and lawn care companies are under-appreciated and undervalued. People take their sports fields, parks... read more

Issue Brief: Detrimental overtime rule in the works

November 13, 2015By

You’ve probably heard about the new overtime rule that’s been proposed by the Department of Labor (DOL). The proposed rule would increase the minimum salary to qualify as an exempt employee from $23,660 per year to $50,440 per year. That would mean that any employee who makes less than $50,440 a year would be qualified to get overtime if he... read more