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Milestones and forgiveness

June 1, 2010By

Our family changes forever this month. Our oldest child has begun attending a five-week program offered by Washington University in St. Louis. Josh returns home near the end of July, and a few weeks later, he returns to Wash U. to begin his full-time college experience. Save for a few holiday breaks, he’ll probably never call our house “home” again.... read more

A goodbye letter

March 1, 2010By

EDITOR’S NOTE: The author’s grandmother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a few months ago. She was put on hospice care in February and passed away less than an hour after this article was completed. Dear Grandma, I talked to Mom a little while ago. She wants me to call you, have them hold the phone to your ear, and give... read more

Jacobs Journal: Everything I need to know about business I learned playing softball

June 18, 2009By

You can attend all the classes you want, but there are few things that prepare you for your chosen occupation as well as real world experience. And sometimes those lessons come from the most unexpected places. After spending nearly five years away from the game, I rejoined a softball league this season. I was struck by how much my return... read more

Jacobs’ Journal: Adopt some aphorisms to live by

June 1, 2009By

Don’t run with scissors. Stand up straight. Make sure you wear clean underwear. Call if you’re going to be late. From the time we are born, we become inculcated with mom-isms. Somehow it’s not considered brainwashing when it’s from a parent. Moms and dads repeat these words, ad infinitum, because of their love and concern for us. Some we vow... read more

Jacobs’ Journal: Never a dull moment – or pencil

March 1, 2009By

I took zwei Jahre (two years) of German in high school. From Day One our teacher, Frau Kutsko, made us learn two phrases in German: “May I go to the bathroom” and “May I sharpen my pencil.” If you couldn’t ask in German, she wouldn’t let you. She told the possibly apocryphal story of the student who, while taking his final exam,... read more

Jacobs’ Journal: Read to feed your brain and business

February 1, 2009By

Throughout my life, few places have offered the comfort and solace of a bookstore. Many are the hours I’ve spent wandering the towering stacks (any good bookstore has shelves that are just out of arm’s reach) perusing countless titles covering every topic conceived. Yet like so many areas of life, the Internet has changed forever the way we buy our... read more