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New herbicide from PBI-Gordon to treat sedges and kyllinga

October 15, 2019By

The new Vexis Herbicide Granular from PBI-Gordon Corp. is formulated to provide lawn care professionals with targeted, postemergent control of sedges and kyllinga species, including purple and yellow nutsedge, cockscomb and false green kyllinga. Sold in a 2-pound shaker can and in a 15-pound bag, the granular formulation helps reduce off-target drift and volatility compared to products currently available. It... read more

PBI-Gordon eliminates ambient temperature restrictions on Avenue South

August 21, 2019By

PBI-Gordon Corp. eliminated ambient temperature restrictions on when Avenue South Broadleaf Herbicide can be applied. Avenue South is specifically formulated for use on sensitive southern grasses, including common and improved St. Augustinegrasses such as Floratam and Bitterblue. A proprietary formula, it combines four active ingredients to deliver rapid control of more than 90 listed broadleaf weeds, including doveweed, Virginia buttonweed,... read more

Video: FMC promotes QuickSilver herbicide at GIE+EXPO

November 11, 2015By

  Jay Young, herbicide brand manager for FMC Professional Solutions, discusses the company’s QuickSilver promotion at GIE+EXPO 2015, as well as the current state of the landscape market. read more

FMC offers instant rebate on Dismiss herbicide products

June 4, 2015By

FMC Professsional Solutions is offering instant rebates on both sizes of its Dismiss South and Dismiss CA herbicide products now through August 15. The savings include a $12.50 instant rebate on each half-gallon jug of Dismiss Turf Herbicide; a $10 instant rebate on each pint of Dismiss South Herbicide; a $5 instant rebate on each 6-oz. jug of Dismiss CA... read more

FMC rolls out QuickSilver promotion through June 15

April 14, 2015By

FMC Professional Solutions is offering lawn care professionals a $15 per bottle instant rebate on QuickSilver herbicide from April 15 to June 15 via the “2015 QuickSilver Enhance Your Performance Promotion.” “Good things happen when QuickSilver is in the mix, so we want to encourage turf managers to use QuickSilver during the critical spring use-season,” said Jay Young, herbicide brand manager for... read more