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Design Build Summit with Jeffrey Scott

August 26, 2019By

Led by Jeffrey Scott, This Summit will show design/build pros how to align every aspect of their design/bid build business (branding, marketing, sales, estimating, logistics, production, staffing, compensation, customer service and after care) so that they can enjoy improved profitability, build a more “sellable” business and be home for dinner at day’s end. Jeffrey Scott, who has helped DB companies... read more

Growing Your Business with Jeffrey Scott: Are you an opportunity leader?

May 15, 2019By

Grow yourself from being a problem leader to being an opportunity leader. The difference between these two leaders will impact how you grow your business. Watch this video to find out what type of leader you are and how to grow yourself to be an opportunity leader. read more

Why “continuous improvement” may be too slow for your company

April 23, 2019By

“Continuous improvement” has been popular for years, going back to post-World War II, when the now famous American management consultant W. Edwards Deming helped Japan reinvigorate its economy after the war. But sometimes continuous improvement can be too slow to get results we need. Business operates much quicker than it did back in the 1950s. Today, you may need to... read more

Profit Power: Exit planning a $5 million business

April 22, 2019By
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Is spring the right season to plan for your exit? The answer is surprisingly “yes.” A husband and wife team (running a highly efficient, high-caliber $5 million business) told me last week they want to plan for their exit. She didn’t mean they want to sell the business, at least not soon, rather that they want to start enjoying the... read more

Growing Your Business with Jeffrey Scott: Your best people need the most investment

April 2, 2019By

When you hire great people, there are two mistakes you need to avoid, says industry consultant Jeffrey Scott. Check out this video to find out what those two mistakes are and some advice to help you get a higher return on investment from your best people. read more

Webinar: Start The Year Strong, Part 2

March 28, 2019By

Contractors will learn how to overcome employee challenges, pricing obstacles, client and employee attrition and training challenges. Landscape pros will also learn how to stay excited and keep their teams’ morale high throughout the season. Last, Jeffrey Scott will share with you the counterintuitive strategies for growth and profitability. The guest speakers, Jim McCutcheon, president, High Grove Partners, Ga., and... read more