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Become a Destination Company — workshop presented by Jeffrey Scott

January 15, 2020By

FOR LANDSCAPE, LAWN, IRRIGATION AND TREE COMPANIES It’s no secret that labor is your biggest headache, but what if you could turn it into your biggest strength and advantage? In this exciting workshop, you’ll learn the strategies needed to attract the right people. Plus, you’ll learn how to develop, inspire, retain and fully engage your employees so that you can... read more

Profit Power: 7 steps to achieve a self-running landscape company

November 20, 2019By

Staffing is a nagging issue that is slowing you down from fulfilling your true potential. This is frustrating, because you own or lead your business with the dream that it will become a profitable investment and perhaps a leading company in the industry … one that will support your dreams, goals and lifestyle! But if you can’t properly staff your... read more

Profit Power: Your process is costing you customers

October 23, 2019By

Can you recall a bad experience you’ve had with one of your vendors or sub contractors, where you loved them and their product, but you really disliked their process and how they serviced you? And when it eventually got to the point where you couldn’t tolerate it anymore, you stopped doing business with them and you likely didn’t have the... read more

Five-star service: An overlooked differentiator

October 22, 2019By

In this go-go economy, many business owners today struggle to provide excellent customer service. Their service is inconsistent and reactionary, and it will ultimately harm their business. The root of the problem is the false belief that excellent service is a luxury they can sacrifice: choosing short-term profit over sustainable growth. The next recession will remind everyone of the enormity... read more

Growing Your Business with Jeffrey Scott: Why strategic planning fails for most landscape companies

September 11, 2019By

The hardest part of strategic planning is getting the strategy right. Without it, your planning will fail. Jeffrey Scott wants to help you avoid the main pitfalls of strategic planning for landscape firms in this month’s edition of Growing Your Business.   If you missed it, make sure to check out last month’s Growing Your Business with Jeffrey Scott: Be... read more

One landscape company’s climb back to the top

September 9, 2019By
The Todd’s Services leadership team. From left to right, Jeff Walz, Doug Murphy, Josh Robinson, Sherry LaButte-Birk, Kurt LaButte, Mark Becker and Kevin Birk. (Photo: Todd's Services)

Todd and Kurt LaButte, like many in the landscape industry, started young with a couple of push mowers, mowing neighbors’ lawns. Todd, being the older of the LaButte brothers (he was No. 5 of eight children, and Kurt was the youngest), named the company Todd’s Services. “We started in 1979, my brother and I,” Kurt LaButte says. “It was unique... read more