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Why you need to create a culture of high profitability

September 25, 2023By
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Jeffrey Scott asks some of his coaching and peer group clients for their input after asking: “What have you implemented and what has worked for you?” read more

Jeffrey Scott to host virtual masterclass on building branches

September 15, 2023By
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Jeffrey Scott will lead a virtual session to help attendees build a successful branch model on Nov. 1. read more

More than a cheeseburger in paradise, here’s 3 business lessons from Jimmy Buffett

September 8, 2023By
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With the death of Jimmy Buffett recently, Jeffrey Scott takes a look at his life and shares some business practices to learn from Mr. Margaritaville himself. read more

Jeffrey Scott’s Summer Growth Summit attendees share takeaways from Mariani tour

September 6, 2023By
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Attendees of Jeffrey Scott's Summer Growth Summit share what they found most impressive during the trip to Mariani Landscape. read more

“Great people will always make you money” says Frank Mariani at Summer Growth Summit

September 1, 2023By
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The keynote speaker of the 2023 Summer Growth Summit spoke on why he sold his company and the key to his success over the years. read more

Jeffrey Scott’s 2023 Summer Growth Summit shows attendees the Mariani way

August 30, 2023By
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More than 400 attendees were treated to 30-plus educational speakers and a behind-the-scenes visit to Mariani Landscape. read more