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The many ways lawns help our environment

September 4, 2010By

By: Jim Novak, Turfgrass Producers International When USA Today ran an article on Aug. 17, 2010 titled, “Out of Fashion: Green Lawns”, Turfgrass Producers International felt a need to draft a Letter to the Editor.  At issue was the fact that the article contained some misinformation and the omission of important facts regarding natural turfgrass lawns and how they benefit the environment. The article... read more

Sod harvested at TPI Summer Conference beautifies village park

August 10, 2010By

By: Jim Novak, Turfgrass Producers International NEW YORK, NY — When Turfgrass Producers International (TPI) held its Summer Convention here, July 26 – 29 and its Field Day at nearby Pine Island Turf Nursery in Pine Island on July 29th there was plenty of activity. More than 40 exhibitors and 300 turfgrass producers from around the world participated. TPI members from... read more

So, you think you have it tough when it comes to field and lawn care maintenance

July 8, 2010By

By Jim Novak, Turfgrass Producers International If you have the responsibility of overseeing the maintenance and care of sports fields, recreational areas, community parks or lawns there are a good number of your peers who can relate to the challenges you face throughout the year. At times the responsibility may seem overwhelming; but imagine being responsible for a prime location that... read more

Toronto’s BMO Field gets a Kentucky bluegrass facelift

May 10, 2010By

By: Jim Novak, Turfgrass Producers International When a decision was made to convert three-year-old, 21,800-seat BMO Field in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from artificial turf to natural grass, Claus Zander of Zander Sod Co. Limited, in Kettleby, Ontario provided the turfgrass and assisted with installation. “The players asked for it, the European players demanded it … and we supplied the turfgrass sod to get... read more

Educating the public: It’s all in the delivery

December 9, 2009By

By: Jim Novak There’s no denying that water conservation is an important issue, especially in those regions of the country where annual rainfall is minimal and/or water is a precious commodity. Some local and state agencies have resorted to attention-getting ads to influence the public when it comes to the use of natural turfgrass. You will note that we said “attention-getting,”... read more

Green, Green Grass of Home–But Where’s Home?

November 10, 2009By

By: Jim Novak, Turfgrass Producers International Although this photo of a soldier using scissors to trim grass on a tiny plot of turf at what appears to be some remote location has been circulating on the internet for several years; who and where the soldier is has been a mystery. The soldier has been identified on various web sites as an... read more