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TAG: Jim Zylstra

What insecticide do you prefer and why?

March 7, 2016By
LCOs determine their insecticide choice based on target pests and other factors.

Chip Soltesz President, Dyna-Green Mentor, Ohio “Merit is still our grub control of choice. Talstar or other generic bifenthrin products are the insecticide we use for both surface-feeding insects as well as our tree and shrub and perimeter pest treatments. It is low odor and has a wide spectrum label. It also has been very dependable with very few failures. Jim... read more

Mole patrol

May 18, 2015By
Photo: Tuff Turf Molebusters

Michigan company makes a name for itself with unique ideas and high-quality service. Jim Zylstra recalls his foremen being less than enthusiastic about driving the company’s new fleet of vehicles. After all, each bright green and orange car, truck and van has a giant, helmet-wearing mole mounted to its top. But even the most skeptical crew member had to acknowledge... read more