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Job costing blueprint

October 17, 2016By

Good tracking is essential for assessing a project’s success. It also gives employees a blueprint to work from. Job costing helps contractors identify, quantify and measure all the costs that are unique or specific to a project. There are three main reasons job costing is so important, says Mike Lysecki, former director of operations for Ontario-based landscape company TBG Environmental,... read more

Ep. 91: Landscape business basics

July 9, 2014By
Marcus vandeVliet

Even though many landscape contractors have been in business for five, 10 or even 20 years, they still overlook the fundamentals when it comes to running their businesses. This causes them to improperly price work, month after month and year after year, not knowing whether they made money or lost money until the end of the year. Whether you’re new... read more

Do you have an integrated financial management process?

November 19, 2013By

Integrated financial management is not accounting. It’s a system of financial management for a landscaping business that relates the most important financial processes to each other in such a way that, at any point in your financial cycle, you will have a clear and focused picture of where your business stands, where each individual job stands, where you’re in great... read more

FD2B Talk Radio Insight of the Night: Job costing tips

July 11, 2013By

With his laid back southern style and more than half a dozen y’alls throughout the evening, consultant Jerry Gaeta provided some important insights about job costing. Gaeta says job costing is something that must be done during the project and not after it’s completed. He compares it to a football coach who has one plan before the game starts but... read more