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Money Talks: A Plus Lawn and Landscape unveils unique marketing ploy

November 7, 2013By

In April, residents of select central Kentucky neighborhoods were surprised to find in their driveways Velcro wallets with what appeared to be large sums of money inside. Each wallet was in fact a promotion from A Plus Lawn and Landscape in Lawrenceburg, Ky., including a business card for owner John Rennels, which appeared to be a Kentucky driver’s license. It... read more

My biggest mistake: John Rennels

October 1, 2010By

John Rennels’ biggest business blunder was thinking he was alone in this business. Since reaching out to his peers, he’s turned his story of error into one of great success. John Rennels was a lone wolf. As a result, his company, A Plus Lawn and Landscape, Lawrenceburg, KY, struggled. Rennels had no strategic sense of direction. He wasn’t paying himself.... read more

Cover Story: With a little help from my friends

October 1, 2009By

A peer group forces Green Industry business owners to take a hard look at their operations and own up to tough decisions read more