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Juniper Landscaping expands with first out-of-state acquisition

November 15, 2023By
(Photo: shironosov/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

The acquisition of Shooter and Lindsey represents Juniper’s first acquisition outside of the state of Florida. read more

Juniper Landscaping grows in Sunshine State with latest acquisition

August 9, 2023By
(Photo: shironosov/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

The commercial landscaping platform now has 25 branches in the Sunshine State with its latest acquisition. read more

Juniper Landscape expands presence in Southeast Florida with latest move

January 4, 2023By

The addition of Yohe’s Lawn Care & Landscape in Palm Beach, Fla., marks Juniper Landscaping’s expansion into the Palm Beach market. read more

Juniper Landscaping partners with private equity firm

January 11, 2022By

Bregal Partners, a private equity firm with $1.25 billion in committed capital, invests in Juniper Landscaping, No. 20 on the 2021 LM150 list. read more

Investment company buys Juniper Landscape Co., plans more purchases

August 30, 2021By
Juniper Landscape Co. serves the San Diego area (Photo: Juniper Landscape Co.)

Investment group Verde Companies has purchased San Diego's Juniper Landscape Co., a 40-year-old commercial and residential landscaping maintenance company. read more

Sod webworm scouting

December 4, 2020By
Sod webworm damage (Photo: Cal Legget)

Lawn care operators in various locations divulge how to properly scout for and control sod webworms in their clients' yards. read more