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Kawasaki Engines: EFI engines

March 26, 2019By

With an integrated electronic governor, Kawasaki EFI engines maintain consistent blade tip speed, even in heavy turf, for razor-sharp results without slowing down. An advanced ECU and sequential multi-port injectors deliver fast starts and instant throttle response, and fine-tune power as you mow. Open-loop technology cuts complexity, and simple plug-in diagnostics minimize downtime. Result: Clean mowing at higher ground speeds,... read more

Kawasaki Engines: Well Oiled Rebate

August 21, 2018By

Get up to $20 back with Kawasaki’s Well Oiled Rebate. For a limited time only, purchase Kawasaki Engines KTech™ oils and filters from an authorized Kawasaki dealership and be eligible for a rebate. Kawasaki KTech 4-cycle oil is API SL and JASO MA certified and made to combat wear and tear on your engine. Kawasaki 2-cycle engine oil is a... read more

Kawasaki Engines: Kawasaki Genuine Parts

July 2, 2018By

Generic oils and filters can cost you in frustration, failure, and needless downtime. Instead, put your hard-earned money into genuine Kawasaki parts for your valuable engine: parts you can trust to fit and work right. Kawasaki Genuine Parts are built to same exacting performance standards that Kawasaki engines are known for. Kawasaki parts are designed, tested and approved for your... read more

Kawasaki Motors Corp. USA: K-Tech oils

April 12, 2018By

All engine oils are not the same. Automotive engine oil doesn’t have what commercial engines need to run WOT in hot, dirty environments, driving wheels and blades, for long days under heavy loads. Other oil products may not meet the specifications required for your Kawasaki engine. Kawasaki K-Tech™ oils are formulated for constant-speed, air and liquid-cooled engines, with additives including... read more

Kawasaki names Turf Care Products its Canadian distributor

January 3, 2018By

Turf Care Products Canada will now handle the Canadian distribution for the Engines Division of Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S. The new arrangement follows the review of long-term company needs and will enhance the service support for the growing base of Kawasaki dealers in Canada. Karen Howard, Kawasaki’s director, national dealer sales channel, marketing and order services, said that Turf Care... read more

Kawasaki Engines: FT730V–EFI engine

January 2, 2018By

The new FT730V–EFI engine joins a purpose-built family of Kawasaki engines designed to make light work of the heaviest loads. Summon the power, and the response is instant. You’ve got Kawasaki’s proven EFI with integrated electronic governor control — eGov — to thank for that. Consistent power is one thing. Endurance is another. A long-lasting engine thrives on clean air.... read more