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Kawasaki: EFI engines

October 4, 2017By

With an integrated electronic governor, Kawasaki EFI engines maintain consistent blade tip speed, even in heavy turf, for razor-sharp results without slowing down. An advanced ECU and sequential multi-port injectors deliver fast starts and instant throttle response, and fine-tune power as you mow. Open-loop technology cuts complexity, and simple plug-in diagnostics minimize downtime. Result: Clean mowing at higher ground speeds,... read more

Kawasaki Engines expands four-cycle engine warranty

September 6, 2017By

The Engines Division of Kawasaki Motors Corp. is instituting a new warranty program for Australia, Central and South America, New Zealand and U.S. territories. All four-cycle engine sales occurring in those markets will now be covered by a three-year limited warranty. The company will repair or replace, free of charge, any engine parts found to be defective, under normal use and... read more

Kawasaki: K-Tech Engine Oils

April 29, 2017By

Kawasaki oils are specifically formulated for Kawasaki engines, with additives that maintain viscosity, reduce oil consumption, support stay-in-grade performance and help control foaming and shearing. Ideal for all engines where API, CJ-4, SL and JASO MA oil is recommended Contains a zinc additive which prevents excess wear on parts The 10W-30 oil is certified in CJ-4 for use in diesel... read more

Kawasaki partners with NHLA

July 27, 2015By

The Engines Division of Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A., joined in a partnership with the National Hispanic Landscape Alliance (NHLA), becoming one of the organization’s “supporting members” and helping it to facilitate and promote the advancement of Hispanic Americans as landscape industry professionals and leaders. “Kawasaki is proud to join forces with the NHLA as it broadens efforts to reach out... read more

Kawasaki promotes Timothy Malinowski

April 6, 2015By

The engine division of Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. promoted Timothy Malinowski to director of national OEM sales and product development. Malinowski, who joined Kawasaki in 1998 and has held several sales positions at the company, most recently held the title of senior sales manager-OEM sales. The new position will entail greater management responsibility over the OEM sales team at the... read more

Mowers: Which do you use and why?

November 5, 2014By

Adam Delagrange Founder, Delagrange Landscaping Centerburg, Ohio “Hustler. From a price point of buying these machines new, the Hustler brand tends to be cheaper than comparable models but they don’t lack the quality. Currently, we’re running two Hustler X-ONEs with 26-hp Kawasaki engines and 60-in. decks, and I also have a Hustler TrimStar walk-behind with a 17-hp Kawasaki and a... read more