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Killer trends: Postemergent combinations

March 12, 2015By
PHOTO: Dow AgroSciences

Combination products continue to be the future of turf herbicides. When it comes to turf herbicide product selection, lawn care applicators have noticed some changes—and it’s not just limited to lack of new active ingredients. There have been fewer products coming to the market in the past five to 10 years, says Rodney St. John, Ph.D., agronomist for Ryan Lawn... read more

FMC slots technical service positions for Mount, Hutto

February 14, 2014By

FMC Corp. named Brian Mount and Ken Hutto technical service managers for its FMC Professional Solutions (FPS) business. The newly created positions will provide strong technical support for FMC customers and the sales organization. Previously, Hutto and Mount were product development leads.  In their new positions they will work closely with sales, marketing and key customers to technically support FPS... read more