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Web Extra: Make money while you grow

October 17, 2017By

Two key parts of a management system are a rolling budget, which points out where problems are, and key performance indicators, which identify what the solutions must be. You hear it all the time – basic blocking and tackling can win a game. If one of the primary goals of your business is to make money while you grow, which... read more

Leading: Seven genres of business communication

June 27, 2017By

The essence of leadership lies in a person’s ability to communicate ideas and information in a manner that inspires and guides others. Business communication is more art than science and lends itself to being classified into genres, as with other art forms. The applicable genre for the art of business depends upon the situation. I’ll explore seven distinct genres here.... read more

Business Basics: Create a company box score

May 18, 2016By

With information coming at us from every direction, it’s difficult to digest it all and use it to grow our businesses. As the facilitator of several industry peer groups, I’ve noticed the same topic comes up repeatedly at our meetings: how to develop the most useful dashboard to run our companies. A dashboard organizes key business statistics into a summary... read more

Keeping score

December 2, 2015By
Scoreboard. Photo:©istock.com/meltonmedia

How to win with key performance indicators.  Imagine a sporting event where the players take the field without knowing the rules to the game, with no clock and without a scoreboard. How would that go over? “You can’t play a game if you don’t know whether you’re winning,” says Timothee Sallin, president of LegacyScapes in Groveland, Fla. It’s the same... read more

Web Extra: How Taylor Irrigation evaluates employees like Marines

December 1, 2015By

The November 2015 issue of LM outlined key performance indicators from a few landscape companies, including Taylor Irrigation Service, based in Houston. Here’s the company’s system for reviewing employees, based on President & CEO John Taylor’s experience in the Marine Corps. Any veteran of the Marine Corps will recognize the Pro & Con method of evaluation (short for “proficiency” and... read more

Web Extra: Using the Net Promoter Score at LegacyScapes

December 1, 2015By

In “Keeping score,” we outlined how several landscape companies track key performance indicators with good results. Here’s how and why LegacyScapes measures one KPI in particular, its Net Promoter Score. LegacyScapes has tracked its Net Promoter Score (NPS) for about seven years companywide and for about two years in its landscape construction division. “It’s very simple, but it keeps your... read more