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Koch Turf & Ornamental

September 10, 2020By

With environmental regulations already in place, and more coming, turf care professionals are seeking solutions that are both reliable and sustainable. See how Executive Landscaping in CT depends on enhanced efficiency fertilizers (EEFs) from Koch Turf & Ornamental to provide environmentally friendly results. Learn more here. read more

Turf Care Supply to distribute Koch Turf and Ornamental fertilizers

August 14, 2020By

Koch Agronomic Services, operating under its corporate brand Koch Turf and Ornamental (Koch), and Turf Care Supply Corporation (TCSC), reached a definitive agreement to grant TCSC an exclusive license to market and distribute these Koch turf fertilizers in North America: Duratio, Hydrexx, Nitroform, Nutralene, Uflexx, Umaxx  and XCU. The agreement will also provide TCSC an opportunity to purchase and resell... read more

Koch Turf & Ornamental updates customers on COVID-19 response

April 17, 2020By

Koch Turf & Ornamental has worked with its manufacturing and distribution partners to implement safety measures at its facilities and respects the safety measures of its customers. Like most companies, Koch Turf has restricted nonessential travel and in-person meetings. Koch Turf continues to serve customers and their businesses through many digital solutions, including video conferencing, email, social media and texting. Prior... read more

Fertilizer facts

January 6, 2020By
Fertilizer being spread (Photo: groveb/ iStock / getty images plus/getty images)

It’s no surprise that fertilizers help lawn care operators (LCOs) produce healthy turf with high wear tolerance and aesthetic value, but fertilizer applications also help turf outcompete weeds, experts say. “By having a healthy turfgrass canopy, the weeds have a much more difficult time competing for nutrients, water and sunlight necessary for turf,” says Tony Goldsby, Ph.D., research agronomist for... read more

Harrell’s acquires Polyon from Koch Agronomic Services

November 15, 2019By

Harrell’s acquired one of the green industry’s signature brands – Polyon – from Koch Agronomic Services. The sale, effective at the close of business Nov. 15, includes the Polyon controlled-release fertilizer brand and related technology, patents and manufacturing capability. More than 70 veteran team members from the landmark Sylacauga, Ala., Polyon production facility officially become Harrell’s employee-owners. “This is a... read more

Koch Turf & Ornamental: What’s In The Bag?

November 2, 2019By

Making your green go further starts with knowing what’s in your bag of fertilizer. Blends with higher percentages of enhanced efficiency fertilizers keep nutrients available to plants longer. That benefits both turfgrass and your budget. Read more. read more