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Koch Turf & Ornamental: XCU slow-release fertilizer

November 17, 2018By

XCU® slow-release fertilizer provides gradual, steady nutrition uptake. It’s been widely used by turfgrass managers to economically and efficiently promote a plant response of health, growth and color for up to 10 weeks per application. XCU fertilizer has the highest nitrogen (N) content (43 percent) and lowest sulfur content (4 percent) of any polymer-coated sulfur-coated urea on the market. The... read more

Koch Turf & Ornamental: DURATION CR

May 30, 2018By

DURATION CR® controlled-release fertilizer is a dependable enhanced efficiency fertilizer designed to provide an efficient release of nutrients to sustain turfgrass growth and color. The patented, durable polymer coating delivers proven, consistent release for 45, 90 and 120 days. This means fewer applications can be made per season, allowing you to optimize labor allocations. By tailoring fertilizer programs to incorporate... read more

Koch Turf & Ornamental: Polyon controlled-release fertilizer

April 4, 2018By

POLYON® controlled-release fertilizer, with its trademarked green color, is backed by years of research and has been the market leader in the turf and ornamental markets for decades. The key to its performance is the Reactive Layers Coating technology which meters out nutrients via diffusion, regulated by soil temperature and coating thickness, for precise and lasting nutrient delivery. With longevities... read more

Koch Turf & Ornamental: UFLEXX fertilizer

March 8, 2018By

UFLEXX® stabilized nitrogen, an enhanced efficiency fertilizer, contains both a urease and a nitrification inhibitor, protecting against all forms of nitrogen loss—ammonia volatilization, denitrification, runoff and leaching. UFLEXX fertilizer delivers quick green-up and a consistent color response for up to eight weeks. With UFLEXX fertilizer, there is added flexibility, as the completely soluble granules perform equally well when applied with... read more

Koch Turf & Ornamental: UFLEXX Fertilizer

November 11, 2017By

Koch Turf & Ornamental, a brand of Koch Agronomic Services, LLC, presents UFLEXX® stabilized nitrogen enhanced efficiency fertilizer providing protection against all three forms of nitrogen loss: volatilization, denitrification and leaching. UFLEXX® fertilizer delivers quick green-up and a consistent color response for up to eight weeks because less nitrogen is lost to the environment. Fewer applications leaves time to visit more... read more

Koch Turf & Ornamental selects new nationwide distributor

May 3, 2016By

Koch Turf & Ornamental selected Harrell’s as the nationwide distributor for Polyon controlled-release fertilizer in professional markets in the U.S. “Harrell’s has a strong track record of supporting the Polyon fertilizer brand,” said Tim Sturm, vice president of Koch Turf & Ornamental. “They bring a market presence and strategic focus that will drive continued growth and market expansion of Polyon fertilizer across the... read more