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Snow & Ice Guide: Shoveling dirt

May 18, 2012By

The lack of snow in 2011-2012 hit landscapers where it hurts—in their wallets. 2011 will go down as one of the wildest weather years in history. Spring mercilessly flooded landscapes with rain. Summer and fall brought an onslaught of tornadoes. And for much of the country, winter brought, well, nothing — except mild temperatures, that is. So if landscaping companies... read more

Don’t be caught off guard by cultural issues

March 1, 2010By

Your Hispanic employees’ attitudes and approaches to work can create some on-the-job challenges. Picture yourself in this situation: You have an all-Hispanic or nearly all-Hispanic crew. One of the crewmembers isn’t pulling his weight. But you don’t find out about it until you personally visit one of his job sites — or, you don’t find out about it at all.... read more