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Maximizing manpower

May 31, 2019By

Lawn care operators should implement tools and strategies to increase efficiency during the busy summer months. As Gil Del Rosario travels around the country, he hears lawn care operators (LCOs) discuss one common problem: finding and retaining quality labor. “Through my travels, I get the chance to talk to many LCOs and one problem that is ubiquitous is the labor... read more

A Look Back: Still facing labor challenges

March 22, 2019By

The cover of the March 1995 issue of Landscape Management addressed a problem many landscape companies are still facing 24 years later. The magazine gave five criteria for determining the types of employees you want to hire: the type of work a candidate is looking for, the experience he or she brings to the job, why he or she applied,... read more

Editor’s Note: The ‘people rule’

October 17, 2016By

Welcome to the Business Planner 2017: The People Edition. We hear repeatedly from our readers that labor and personnel are the most significant challenges they face as landscape industry business owners and managers. As the market continues to improve, we expect it to remain a difficult reality of the industry, so we knew it was time to dedicate our annual... read more

NALP: There might not be an opportunity to stop DOL overtime rule

May 23, 2016By

Despite its best efforts to block the overtime rule finalized by the Department of Labor, the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) and other critics of the rule may be out of options to stop the rule from going into effect Dec. 1. “We’re still working on something that’s called the Protecting Workplace Advancement and Opportunity Act, which basically would require the Department... read more