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How companies on the LM150 list tackle labor woes

July 12, 2023By
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Representatives from the industry’s top 150 revenue-generating firms share how their operations work to overcome labor woes. read more

Industry pros share their strategies to combat the labor shortage

March 15, 2023By
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At the 2022 LM Growth Summit, experts in the green industry shared some solutions that helped them overcome their operation's current labor challenges. read more

The Herring Group to co-host webinar on benefits of converting H-2B workers to a permanent labor force

March 8, 2023By

The Herring Group and Unlimited Labor Solutions will host a webinar to coach owners through the process to convert temporary H-2B workers to permanent employees. read more

Feeling overwhelmed in your operation? You’re not alone

November 2, 2022By
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Phil Harwood shares how understaffed organizations can help employees feel less overwhelmed and how to create problem-solvers. read more

Arizona landscaping company ordered to pay $92,500 in back wages to employees

May 18, 2022By

Arizona-based landscaping company, Artificial Grass Masters of Peoria, to pay $92,500 in back wages to employees by a U.S. District Court judge. read more

Delaware landscaper ordered to pay $50,000 to temporary workers

May 10, 2022By

A U.S District Court ordered Delaware-based DeVilbiss Landscape Architects to pay $50,000 in liquidated damages to 10 temporary workers. read more