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Brickman/ValleyCrest: Culture clash?

May 29, 2014By

 A look at their cultures, what defines a national company mentality and TruGreen LandCare comparisons. As the two largest landscape companies work toward merging into one, the rest of the Green Industry is a split crowd sitting on the sidelines. Some spectators are biting their nails out of nervousness, while others have pulled up a seat, waiting to pick up... read more

Adapt to grow

January 1, 2011By

By Nicole Wisniewski I remember my first months in the landscape industry very well. In addition to writing about the state of the industry, crew sizes, tree transplanting, winterizing irrigation systems, designing landscapes for safety, preemergent herbicide application timing and landscape businesses and their owners, I covered the mergers and acquisitions announcements coming in at a rapid pace. The increased... read more