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A landscape business in a box

July 3, 2012By

Franchises have advanced, but franchisors aren’t too eager to mess with what’s long been a winning formula. With the advent of technology, increased emphasis on branding and better equipment, franchising has changed a lot over the years. But even with all its advances, its core has not budged. “The concept of franchising is the same now as it always has... read more

My Biggest Mistake: Drewe Schoehholtz

May 19, 2012By

Knowing when to pursue a lead and when to back down has been beneficial for a New Jersey landscape business owner. Drewe Schoenholtz, owner of The Green Scene in Hopewell, NJ, says there’s a delicate balance between sizing people up incorrectly and what he calls “chasing the wind.” Finding that balance has come with years of experience in the business.... read more

Your balance sheet can make or break you

May 18, 2012By

News flash: Spring arrived about 45 days early this year. While this means opportunity and potential business for some companies, others will experience a substantial shortfall in profit and a tightening of cash flow. What happened to all the snow? Cutting warm-season grass in March? Yikes! Steady the ship and get your arms around your balance sheet. Start with these:... read more

Just say ‘no’ to naysaying to customers

May 18, 2012By

The other day, I went to my usual café for a latte. It was late afternoon, and I really needed a boost. But once I stepped inside, much to my surprise, I saw that in just one day’s time the café had released its entire staff and replaced it with a new one. Not one familiar face greeted me. Uh-oh,... read more

Jacobs’ Journal: What we don’t need to learn from Steve Jobs

April 11, 2012By

By Daniel G. Jacobs Walter Isaacson’s recent biography of Steve Jobs, the demanding former head of Apple, apparently doubles as a management guide for many executives. Some have even donned the deceased executive’s trademark black turtleneck sweater. I’m all for learning from others. I’ve had a number of bosses over the years, some good and some very, very bad. I... read more

Marketing to the affluent landscape clients

March 10, 2012By

The affluent are one of the few population groups that still has money to spend. However, that’s not to say they haven’t become more selective about what they spend it on. Landscape business owners who want to get ahead will need to learn the best ways to market to the affluent. Succeeding in this niche will not happen overnight. If... read more