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Irrigation Association posts State Licensing Guide online

August 21, 2013By

The Irrigation Association (IA) has released its Landscape Irrigation Contractor State Licensing Guide online, giving Green Industry professionals a handy resource for determining their states’ requirements for practicing irrigation contracting. The site lists states that require irrigation professionals to be licensed to practice landscape irrigation. It provides a list of all states that do not require an irrigation contractor license... read more

Moving to a surgical approach to landscape irrigation

December 6, 2010By

By: Andy Smith, CIC, CID, CLIA It wasn’t that long ago when the terms LEED, WaterSense and Sustainable Sites weren’t in the vocabulary of the landscape industry. Now they are (and may become) the driving forces of “green” construction and landscaping. It wasn’t that long ago, of course, that green implied a color choice and happened to reflect the hue of... read more

CSU team investigates graywater use for landscape irrigation

March 5, 2009By

FORT COLLINS, CO — Graywater – nonpotable water from showers, handwash sinks and laundry – is used for residential landscape irrigation in a number of states in the Southwest; however, little is known about long-term effects of this practice, according to Colorado State University civil engineers. Sybil Sharvelle and Larry Roesner, professors with the Urban Water Center in Colorado State’s... read more