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Ep. 131: Continuing your education

May 21, 2015By

Continuing education classes can play a very important roll in the growth of your business. These programs bridge the gap between work and college by providing practical knowledge in a minimal amount of time. Plus, most classes are taught by experienced industry professionals who can teach you inside trade secrets that can save you time and money. In this episode,... read more

Ep. 130: Becoming a networking genius

May 14, 2015By

Kristen Edens, or Kris the Scribbler, discusses how networking can be the key to business growth. It’s not as hard as you think—and you never know where your lead of the year will come from. read more

Ep. 129: A design/build client’s perspective

May 7, 2015By

Have you ever wondered what your clients experience during a construction project? In this episode, Jody Shilan of From Design 2 Build talks to his clients about their current backyard renovation project. They share their perspective on the design/build process, including what they like about it and what scares them. In addition, his clients discuss why working with a landscape... read more

Ep. 127: Bookkeeping with QuickBooks

April 23, 2015By

Did you know that Quickbooks Premier allows you to turn an estimate into a proposal and a proposal into purchase orders with just the touch of a button? There’s no need to re-type the proposal into Word or export your numbers into Excel. In this episode of Landscape Live, Karen Rivera, owner of Dynamic Push, talks about how to properly... read more

Ep. 125: What’s the buzz about the bees?

April 9, 2015By

Dave Hunter of Crown Bees discusses the benefits of incorporating bees into landscapes. It’s not as crazy as you think. A specific type of bee—the mason bee—pollinates flowers, which increases flower production and makes our landscapes more colorful and vibrant. These harmless bees are easy to both purchase and maintain. Just as we install bat houses into our landscapes to... read more

Ep. 124: Creating a company vision

April 1, 2015By

If you really want to have a company that attracts and retains great people, then you need to have a vision that employees can rally around. Not a vision statement, but a meaningful company wide philosophy that goes far beyond providing quality work and great customer service. Jeffrey Scott, MBA and author, discusses what a company vision is and how... read more