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TAG: Landscape Management Network

NALP, LMN to hold landscape biz workshops

October 7, 2015By

The National Association of Landscape Professionals is partnering with the Landscape Management Network to bring two-day landscape business workshops to six locations across the country this fall and winter. The hands-on workshops enable attendees to use their own company financial data to customize a plan for sales, wages, equipment and overhead spending. Attendees will calculate exactly what their company needs to charge for... read more

Landscape Management Network Mobile Software

October 5, 2015By

The best just got better. LMN introduces a whole new interface for budgeting, estimating, sales and leads. With brand new features and updates such as a budget analysis tool that notifies the user whether your budget is set according to industry average or not, and a whole new customer database so that you can keep track of your leads from... read more

LMN to release JobsiteWatch app

August 28, 2015By

Landscape Management Network (LMN) is set to launch its JobsiteWatch, a real-time site reporting app for property managers in the service industry. According to LMN, JobsiteWatch offers a number of capabilities, including live time tracking and instant reporting features, which are built into the platform. The app has the ability to stream live site status updates, service notes and weather... read more

Efficiency tip: The Daily Four

August 17, 2015By

At TBG Landscape in Whitby, Ontario, the management staff knows open communication is essential to the company’s success. The primarily design/build company had $17.2 million in 2014 annual revenue. As such, at the end of every work day all foremen send an email to President Mark Bradley called the Daily Four. It includes the following information: • The crew’s three... read more

Landscape Management Network Time-Tracking Software

August 13, 2015By

Build Your Budget + Estimate – Use our budgeting software and hours of free online tutorial videos to help build a profitable operating budget using your company’s actual numbers to calculate overhead recovery, break-even and your true net profit on every job you estimate. Landscape Scheduling Software – Approved estimates get imported to the scheduling software for quick and easy... read more

Landscape Management Network time-tracking software

February 16, 2015By

Find out how simple it is to take the guesswork out of running a landscape company. Budget + Estimate: Never guess at a price again. LMN’s estimating software uses your budget to ensure every job covers its costs, your overhead and a fair profit. Schedule: Schedule + track both construction-style and maintenance-style work. Mobile Timetracking: Real-time, GPS-enabled, tracking of employee... read more