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How much do you know about scale insects?

April 8, 2018By

Scale insects are common landscape pests, but many people don’t see them until it’s too late, which comes when scales drain their host plant of energy, and they begin dropping leaves or dying. It’s important to understand how to find scale insect infestations and some tactics to stymie them. Source: Steve Frank, associate professor and extension specialist at North Carolina... read more

Canadian Cancer Society approaches spring with renewed effort to ban lawn care pesticides

March 1, 2011By

By: Ron Hall As surely as swallows return to San Juan Capistrano and buzzards to Hinckley, OH, spring signals a fresh wave of anti-lawn care activity in Canada. The message is a predictable as April showers, and it’s always the same: Ban the use of lawn care chemicals. The anti-pesticide drumbeat begins in mid-winter and intensifies as the snow and ice... read more