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LM150 Lessons Learned: Don’t ignore attacks on the industry

June 12, 2014By

No. 113 Lawn Dawg Nashua, N.H. Seventeen years ago, Jim Campanella was ready to branch out on his own after working for various lawn care companies in New England. In late 1996, TruGreen acquired Barefoot Grass, where he was the New England regional manager. The company offered him a job in Portland, Maine, but that wasn’t where he wanted to... read more

Lawn Dawg offers mosquito control

March 17, 2014By

In hand with its newly formed pest control division, Lawn Dawg is offering mosquito control services in 2014. “Some of the biggest nuisances to enjoying outdoor spaces during the spring and summer are mosquitoes,” said Jim Campanella, Lawn Dawg founder. “But they also pose a serious health risk. There are more than 200 different kinds of mosquitoes and they can... read more

Lawn Dawg establishes perimeter pest control service

March 5, 2014By

Gearing up for the 2014 season, Lawn Dawg launched a perimeter pest control service. Part of a newly formed pest control division, the service will be available in Maine, Massachusetts and Albany, N.Y. “We’ve been asked by our customers for the past several years about providing solutions to insects and pests that invade the home,” said Jim Campanella, Lawn Dawg... read more

Overview: Blue skies ahead

May 7, 2013By

Lawn care operators are positioned for a strong 2013. Businesses operating on the lawn care side of the Green Industry are feeling positive about the year ahead. Nearly 90 percent of respondents to Landscape Management’s Lawn Care Market Report survey say they are “very optimistic” or “somewhat optimistic” about their 2013 business outlook. Companies say despite some less-than-stable conditions on... read more

Organics: A balancing act

May 6, 2013By

 Some lawn care pros see a rise in demand for “natural” turf service offerings. Americans still want a lush, green lawn, but today, lawn care companies realize that some customers want that look provided by organic and natural lawn care solutions. According to Landscape Management’s Lawn Care Market Report survey, 44 percent of respondents offer an organic or natural lawn... read more

Expense tracking

May 6, 2013By

Lawn care operators report concern but stability for 2013.  The cost of doing business is always a concern for Green Industry businesses. Lawn care operators (LCOs), in particular, have specific costs to contend with: inputs like pesticides and fertilizer. “As far as the products we purchase, they’re pretty stable,” says Kelly Banfield, president and CEO of Banfield’s Landscaping and Lawn... read more