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Lawncare pro: Bill Hidebolt

September 16, 2012By

Ethics may not be as valued today as they once were, but successful businessmen and women should hold themselves to high standards, says Bill Hildebolt, owner of Nature’s Select Premium Turf Services in Winston-Salem, N.C. The No. 1 promise the former president of the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET) makes his customers is “integrity, honesty and respect,” and he feels those... read more

Lawncare pro: Steve Pattie

August 10, 2012By

At The Pattie Group, based in Novelty, Ohio, the focus not only is on customer service, but on mentoring and training employees. “We have very good coaching, very good mentoring, very good structuring,” says The Pattie Group President Steve Pattie. About $150,000 of the full-service company’s $7.5 million revenue is attributed to lawn care. The company trains its staff continuously... read more

Lawncare Pro: Matt Noon

July 8, 2012By

“You don’t want to offer too many services and turn into this big Chinese menu, you know?” says Matt Noon, 32, president of Boston-based Noon Turf Care. “Really, the core of our business is lawn, tree and shrub care.” Noon, a Boston College graduate, runs Noon Turf Care with his brother, Chris, 35. He talks about how he and Chris... read more

Lawncare pro: Adam Linnemann

June 10, 2012By

Starting your business as a teenager does have a few perks. Adam Linnemann, president of Linnemann Lawn Care & Landscaping started with a push mower, riding lawn mower and wagon. “I love talking with my clients and at the time when I started, most of them were elderly,” Linnemann recalls. “I would spend sometimes 30-45 minutes with them after I... read more

Lawncare pro: Danny Milligan

April 11, 2012By

Danny Milligan, president of Strathmore Landscape, is proud of the company’s latest environmental initiative. “We cannot change from gas-powered trucks completely, but we are moving in the direction of sustainability one step at a time.” Milligan, along with daughter Jessica and son Gordon, talked a little bit about how the industry has changed over the years and how business is... read more

Lawncare pro: Michael Bellantoni

February 1, 2012By

Michael Bellantoni has seen a lot in the 59 years he’s worked in landscaping (49 owning his own company). And he’s reminded of his start daily. “On the wall in front of me is a frame with three invoices,” he says. “I had a client who was my father’s. After my father passed away, they asked if I would take... read more