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High Performance: Decision-making and the NCAA smell test

March 14, 2018By

The committee has spoken and brackets are now complete in advance of the annual ‘March Madness’ NCAA basketball tournament. Along with the big reveal Sunday night was the predictable onslaught of complaints about the selection committee’s inconsistencies with their self-proclaimed decision-making process. The same thing occurred with the selection of the Bowl Championship Series NCAA football finalists last fall. Both... read more

Leading: Set the tone

May 24, 2017By

You’re being watched. No, not by the NSA, or some other clandestine agency. It’s your employees, and your customers, who have their eyes on you. They watch what you do and know it’s much more important than whatever you say. As a leader, you set the tone: Good, bad or indifferent. When you’re a leader of a business, branch or... read more

Are you a resonant leader?

July 26, 2013By

Emotional intelligence isn’t just feel-good stuff. It’s about the bottom line. Think back over your years in business, from the early days when you came into the workplace. Is there someone who inspired you along the way? Someone who helped you dig deep and find the best you had to offer, a boss or manager who helped you see that... read more