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Grow with Grunder: Using group leaders to help your company be successful

September 1, 2022By

Marty Grunder, CEO of The Grow Group and Grunder Landscaping Co., shares how the company uses group leaders to ensure crews do their best work. read more

Profit Power: 3 places to look to find your organization’s next leader

April 19, 2022By
Leadership (Photo: phototechno / DigitalVision Vectors / Getty Images)

Jeffrey Scott shares new approaches to known solutions to find and grow your company's leadership team. read more

Business Insider: Is your leadership team structured for success?

February 16, 2021By
Leadership (Photo: phototechno / DigitalVision Vectors / Getty Images)

Landscape Management columnist Jeffrey Scott lays out a few potential leadership team structures that landscape companies can implement. read more

Profit Power: Getting your No. 2 to be the leader you need

July 19, 2017By

  A good No. 2 employee is like a good irrigation system. It covers all the ground you need covered, and keeps your business green and flourishing, even when you’re away. The test of how well your irrigation system has you covered is when you hit a hot, dry patch of weather. The same goes for your company. You know... read more

High Performance: All about that base

June 30, 2015By

No, I’m not “bringing booty back.” The base (not bass) I’m referring to is the base of your company—your core people, that is. The base is the foundation that supports the rest of the organization. If the base is weak, the entire structure is unstable and prone to fracture or even collapse. However, if the base is solid, the entire... read more