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Landscape Live! Insight of the Night: Library cards

February 6, 2014By

Maria Semple’s offered an unforeseen suggestion last night for how to dramatically increase your prospect list: Get a library card. In doing so, the principal of The Prospect Finder said you get free admittance to ReferenceUSA.com, an online database of companies, residences and businesses that is viewable only to those with a library membership. You can sort these lists by... read more

Tracking new leads: From generating to following up

December 2, 2013By

An obvious way to stimulate profit is to generate more volume. To generate more volume, take a hard look at the way you’re receiving and following up on the leads coming into your business. Obtaining and managing leads kickstarts the entire financial management cycle. Following up on leads creates the basis for your scorecard. It tells you how you’re tracking... read more

Everybody gets the same leads

February 26, 2013By

I was at your workshop last week at the Green Expo in Atlantic City, N.J. (It was great, by the way). Can you explain what you mean when you say, “Everybody gets the same leads.”? One thing’s for sure, I definitely don’t get the same calls as some of the bigger companies. —Helen Somerset, Pinelands Landscape and Construction, Voorhees, N.J.... read more