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A-LIST tackles turfgrass breeding

February 13, 2014By

Seed Research of Oregon, alongside Mountain View Seeds and LebanonTurf, initiated a new research and development program called the Alliance for Low Input Sustainable Turf (A-LIST). The nonprofit program aims to influence turfgrass breeding through creating trial guidelines and evaluation protocols to identify the best performing turfgrass varieties with reduced input demands. A-LIST will establish and monitor a voluntary evaluation... read more

The new norm?

January 14, 2014By
Photo: Lynn Ketchum, Oregon State University

Suppliers discuss the underlier for turfseed shortages and high prices. Gone are the days when turfseed fields dominantly cloaked the surfaces of Willamette Valley, Ore. Crops such as wheat, corn and soybeans overtake the grounds that once were boasted as the world’s turfseed capital. Meanwhile, lawn care professionals have been pulling more money out of company bank accounts to pay... read more

LebanonTurf products to liftoff into space

December 12, 2013By

As part of a new round of zero-gravity scientific tests, two of LebanonTurf’s soil care and fertilization products will be sent to the International Space Station: ROOTS Healthy Start 3-4-3 and ROOTS PHC BioPak. The space trip is part of Mission 4, an experiment designed to examine how a zero-gravity environment affects bacteria’s ability to decompose organic matter. Both of LebanonTurf’s... read more


December 14, 2010By

LebanonTurf has reintroduced its line of Roots iron chelated products as part of a comprehensive approach to improved turf health. Following a routine EPA regulatory review, Fe-8, ironROOTS, Lawnplex, AGRIplex, Total Tree, ironROOTS with mycorrhizae and 1>2>3 Premix Plus are now available. The cost-effective products contain a unique iron chelate formulation that provides efficient nutrient and water absorption, increased stress... read more

LebanonTurf, Project EverGreen debut fertilizer calculator project

March 10, 2009By

NEW PRAGUE, MN — A new program designed to calculate the efficiency of fertilizer has been developed by LebanonTurf. Turf professionals using the calculator on LebanonTurf’s Web site who request more information will trigger donations to Project EverGreen. LebanonTurf says through use of its NutriLife fertilizer meta-catalyst, turf professionals can save on fertilizer applications, promoting efficiency and cost-savings. The NutriLife... read more

Growing the green

November 10, 2008By

The Bad News: In mid-July, when oil prices peaked at $147.27 a barrel, turf care companies were being slammed by cost increases from all sides. Their fuel costs for vehicles and equipment, on average, were up 37% year-over-year for regular gas and 64% for unleaded gas. Delivery of ornamentals, flowers and other materials often had fuel surcharges between 5% and... read more