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Kichler launches new line of landscape lights

May 30, 2017By

Kichler launched its C-Series Landscape line, which includes accent lights and floodlights. Kichler’s C-Series Landscape Accents feature small (425 and 750 lumens) and large (1200 and 1800 lumens) options. Both can accommodate a variety of accessory lenses and louvers and are available in 3000 and 4000 kelvins color temperatures. These accents are offered in spot, flood and wide flood beam... read more

Unique Lighting Systems adds 150W transformer

January 27, 2016By

Unique Lighting Systems expanded its line of outdoor transformers with the introduction of its new 150W LED transformer. Featuring a 15 amp resettable circuit breaker for fuse protection, the 150SSSL-LED comes with multi-tap 12 v, 13 v, 14 v and 15 v outlets for multiple voltage range options and a 10-year warranty. In addition to its stainless steel construction and... read more

Ep. 141: Is LED for me?

September 2, 2015By

Drew Tedford, Midwest sales manager for FX Luminaire, talks about how LED technology has created new opportunities in landscape lighting. He also discusses the difference between LED and traditional landscape lighting, including the advantages and disadvantages of LED lighting. Finally, he explains fixture types and applications, installation, maintenance costs and material types. read more

Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting: vPro Transformer

July 7, 2014By

Vista’s new vPro Solid State Transformer and proprietary smartphone app gives homeowners complete control of landscape lighting. The vPro Transformer’s lightweight, stainless steel design is low profile, easy to handle, has installation flexibility and maintains aesthetic quality. Solid-state technology eliminates stepping, ensuring smooth, fluid lighting adjustments from zero percent to fully bright for any light source—LED or Halogen—or lamp brand. Using the accompanying app... read more

Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting: 5000 Series

April 4, 2014By

Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting’s 5000 Series Up & Accent Fixtures combine LED energy savings, flexibility and performance with its MR-16 LED lamps. The MR-16 LED lamps minimize maintenance while providing up to 80 percent energy savings over standard halogen lamps. A patent-pending silicone diaphragm gasket that enables breathing during thermal cycling  prevents moisture from being drawn into the lamp and socket.... read more