Throwback Thursday: April 1988

January 30, 2014By

If Super Bowl turf were a human it’d be the most high-maintenance celebrity in Hollywood—my equivalent of choice would be Kanye West, but that’s based on disdain (no, not because he bashed Taylor Swift onstage at the MTV Video Music Awards). It wasn’t until I discovered the April 1988 issue of Landscape Management that I realized how much depth there... read more

In Memoriam: Herbert Cole

November 26, 2012By

AVON LAKE, OHIO—Herbert A. Cole, 82, of Avon Lake, Ohio, and formerly of Findlay, Ohio, passed away suddenly on Nov. 2.  Cole was a 46-year member of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) and was a longtime member of many other turf grass and lawn care associations. After starting his industry career at H.D. Hudson Manufacturing, Cole joined... read more

Obituary: LESCO’s Herbert Cole

November 26, 2012By

Herbert Cole, 82, of Avon Lake, Ohio, died earlier this month. Cole joined Green Industry supplier LESCO, now part of John Deere Landscapes, in 1963 as its first salesman. He was promoted in 1977 to midwest area manager, responsible for four LESCO “stores on wheels.” When he retired in 1995 as vice president of sales, he was responsible for 43... read more