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Editor’s Note: Thanks to you

December 12, 2018By

I love the landscape industry, which I’ve been fortunate to cover for about a decade, all told. I love my team at LM. Of course, I love my two daughters and husband more, and it is time for me to tip the scales on work/life balance in my family’s favor. So, in 2019, I’m taking a step back from my... read more

What I’m Reading Wednesday: Any business regrets?

May 7, 2014By

Work is well underway for the 2014 LM150 list, to be published in June. It’s our annual report of the industry’s largest companies, ranked by annual revenue. Our theme for this year’s coverage is “lessons learned,” and we’re identifying those lessons by asking CEOs on the list, “Knowing what you know now, what what would you do differently when you... read more

Management lessons learned from an 18-month-old

December 18, 2007By

My 18-month-old daughter Ava has taught me to be a tough negotiator when it comes to TV time. Now that I think about it, she’s taught me a lot of other lessons that can be used in the business world too. read more