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Vista releases new WiFi lighting controller

January 30, 2019By

Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting launched the LCS WiFi Lighting Control System, a low-profile, lightweight, cloud-based, multi-zone WiFi lighting controller. A free, downloadable app allows users to manage the controller from their mobile devices regardless of location. “Lighting contractors and their customers want to manage both new and existing lighting installations in real time,” said Cruz Pérez, vice president of sales and... read more

FX Luminaire reveals new Luxor controller

November 6, 2018By

FX Luminaire unveiled its new Luxor controller. In addition to incorporating zoning, dimming and color into a single controller, Luxor can now create up to 40 distinct themes and comes preset with calendar-based programming, timed sunrise and sunset offsets and dual 15-volt outputs. “Luxor is the most advanced and flexible low-voltage landscape lighting controller on the market,” said James Cervantes,... read more

FX Luminaire releases the DX lighting controller  

March 14, 2018By

FX Luminaire unveiled the DX controller, a low-voltage lighting controller. It’s operated via a digital facepack and includes astronomical timing and event-based programming capabilities, eliminating the need for plug-in accessories such as timers and photocells, according to the company. The DX comes with a full-color LCD display, and an optional add-on 9V battery adapter allows for pre-installation programming, saving contractors... read more

Preferred lighting controllers

September 9, 2016By
Photo: ©istock.com/Doug Bennett

What lighting controller do you prefer and why? Matt Carli Outdoor Lighting Designer, Moonlighting Landscape Lighting Systems Charleston, S.C. “We’re proponents of 24-hour astronomical time clocks with battery back-ups, like the Intermatic DT-620 or the Intermatic ET-110. Clients appreciate a simple timer that they could set themselves if necessary. The automatic adjustment to the ever-changing dusk and dawn times and... read more