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Digging into proper auger and drill operation

October 24, 2023By
Powered augers and drills help contractors do more work with less labor and time. (Photo: Bobcat)

Experts share what contractors need to know before putting these tools to work. read more

Little Beaver: Horizontal Boring Kits

June 1, 2023By

Little Beaver makes it easier than ever to create clean, horizontal bores with its Horizontal Boring Kits. The two horizontal boring attachments turn Little Beaver Mechanical Earth Drills into precise, timesaving horizontal boring machines that can be used for a variety of applications including conduit, pipe and irrigation installments. Coupled with a Little Beaver Mechanical Earth Drill, the Dry Auger... read more

Little Beaver Kwik-Trench Mini-Trencher

February 8, 2023By

Little Beaver’s Kwik-Trench mini-trencher is offered in two models, both able to trench up to 30 feet per minute. A compact design paired with durable construction and components allows the Kwik-Trench to tackle projects including landscape edging, root pruning, as well as installations of plumbing and drainage lines, low-voltage wiring, silt fences and sprinkler systems. Featuring carbide-tipped teeth and a... read more

Installation Iron: Choose the best trencher chain for the job

October 7, 2021By
Knowing soil type and hardness can help determine chain type. (Photo: Vermeer)

Choosing the right trencher chain for the job requires understanding the soild conditions through which you'll be digging. read more

How the project can help with determining the best trencher to purchase

August 8, 2021By

When choosing equipment to dig a ditch, the type and variety of jobs determine the best purchase and industry experts share advice to help reach a decision. read more

Little Beaver’s Lone Star Drills adds Honda engine for soil sampling drills

July 27, 2021By
Lone Star Drills soil sampling drill featuring Honda engines (Photo: Lone Star Drills)

Little Beaver subsidiary Lone Star Drills adds Honda engine as base model to high-powered soil drill systems. read more