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How industry events like the LM Growth Summit can offer you a different perspective on business

October 31, 2023By
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Steve Bousquet, owner of American Landscaping and Lawn Science, reflects on the LM Growth Summit. read more

Celebrating one-on-one networking at the LM Growth Summit

September 11, 2023By
Attendees say the one-on-one meetings are a highlight of the LM Growth Summit experience. (Photo: LM Staff)

Mike Morin, owner of Morin Turf, discusses new products he discovered while attending this annual event. read more

Seth Jones previews the LM Growth Summit and how you can attend this year’s event

May 16, 2023By
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LM Editor-in-Chief Seth Jones shares how you can join the group at this year's event on December 4-6 in Orlando, Fla. read more

Applications open for our 2023 LM Growth Summit

May 3, 2023By
George Kinkead, president of Turfco, discussed the importance of having equipment that was easy to operate with attendees. “The business is going through an amazing transformation right now. Everyone attending the LM Growth Summit is growing their business phenomenally,” Kinkead said. “The challenge they’re dealing with is labor. Labor is the No. 1 issue that is restricting their ability to grow. So we’re talking about training … they need to buy equipment that is going to help them with their next employee — the employee they don’t even have yet.” (Photo: LM Staff)

Landscape Management's Growth Summit, the event that pairs leading supplier partners with prequalified turf and ornamental professionals, is set for Dec. 4-6 at the Reunion Resort in Orlando, Fla. read more

Industry pros share their strategies to combat the labor shortage

March 15, 2023By
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At the 2022 LM Growth Summit, experts in the green industry shared some solutions that helped them overcome their operation's current labor challenges. read more

What’s your favorite aspect of working in the green industry?

March 15, 2023By
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At the most recent LM Growth Summit, we asked our attendees to share some of the reasons they love working in the green industry. read more