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What organic lawn care products do you prefer and why?

June 9, 2016By

Ken Grawe Owner, Lawn Treatment by Ken Grawe, Quincy, Ill. “BeeSafe products offer an affordable, complete lawn program. These products focus on soil health, which, in turn, creates healthy grass. Grass will have steady growth, good color, deeper roots due to higher microbial activity and will thicken well to keep out future weeds.” Luke Hawthorne Owner, Emerald Lawns, Round Rock, Texas “Emerald... read more

Emerald Lawns strives to do lawn care ‘the right way’

February 1, 2016By
photo: Emerald Lawns

An Austin, Texas-area firm grows by putting the customer first—and marketing, marketing, marketing. In 2006, Luke Hawthorne was fed up with the corporate lawn care scene. He’d entered the industry in 1993, grateful for a $10-an-hour gig. After a few months as a technician at a local company, he joined TruGreen. For the next decade, he served as technician, salesman... read more

2015 Lawn Care Forum: Business challenges pt. 1

December 14, 2015By

LCOs from our 2015 Lawn Care Forum, including Chris Joyce of Joyce Landscaping; Luke Hawthorne of Emerald Lawns; and Dayna Wagner of Fit Turf, talk about business challenges they’ve faced in 2015. Find out how they’ve solved issues of employee retention and expansion. read more

Liquid vs. granular debate

December 10, 2015By

See what type of herbicides lawn care professionals across the country choose for various turf types. Lee Kral Lawn Service Manager, Mountain High Tree & Lawn Location: Lakewood, Colo. Turf types: Kentucky bluegrass/ryegrass mix, fine fescue, creeping red fescue, tall fescue Preemergent: Liquid Postemergent: Liquid Trade tip: “It’s far more about results than cost for me because it costs more... read more