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High Performance: Are you listening? Really?

July 13, 2016By

For the past couple of years, I’ve been mentoring a young man in his late 20s. We meet every couple of weeks for coffee early in the morning before work begins. Among other topics, we discuss his job and issues related to navigating the nuances of large company politics. At our most recent meeting, he informed me that he was... read more

Assemble the right team

November 30, 2015By

Business owners are in charge of getting the right people on the bus and in the right seats. The business plan provides the destination and direction. But before owners commit to a budget, they need to make certain they have the right people. Too many owners and managers avoid the uncomfortable work of assessing and addressing an employee’s poor fit... read more

High Performance: The Rule of 5:1

September 8, 2015By

I broke the Rule of 5:1 today and was promptly called out for violating such an important principle. After eating crow and apologizing for not practicing what we preach, all is once again just dandy at Pro-Motion Consulting. Have you ever heard of the Rule of 5:1? Probably not. The Rule of 5:1 states that people need to hear five... read more

High Performance: All about that base

June 30, 2015By

No, I’m not “bringing booty back.” The base (not bass) I’m referring to is the base of your company—your core people, that is. The base is the foundation that supports the rest of the organization. If the base is weak, the entire structure is unstable and prone to fracture or even collapse. However, if the base is solid, the entire... read more

Systemization Series: Core functions of business—management

March 26, 2015By

This post is part five of Dan Pestretto’s seven-part systemization series. Read on to part six, “Systemization Series: How to create (and use) an org. chart,” here.  Creating the business you want requires a well-defined description of that future business. You must be able to clearly see your future business in your mind’s eye. In this way, you can guide the... read more

Systemization Series: Core functions of business—sales

March 4, 2015By

This post is part two of Dan Pestretto’s seven-part systemization series. Read on to part three, “Systemization Series: Core functions of business—operations,” here.  There are four things every business on the planet has in common. These four things exist in every type of industry—legal or illegal, large or small, service businesses or manufacturing. Every business, indeed. They are: Sales: Getting the... read more