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Nevers & Always

December 10, 2015By

If you own or run a landscape or lawn care business, you likely have a knack for customer service. You wouldn’t be here, reading LM right now, if you didn’t. That’s why it may be difficult for you to understand why employees don’t come to work with the same mindset you do. Dave Murray, a customer experience consultant for Cleveland-based... read more

Backstory: Mike Mason

October 26, 2015By
photo: Kelly Limpert

Mike Mason Vice President/COO The LawnPro Louisville, Kentucky Education Jeffersontown High School Louisville, Ky. Class of 1993 University of Kentucky 1993-1994 University of Louisville Louisville, Ky. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration & Finance Class of 2003 “I started in accounting and moved over to finance. It just fit the way my mind works.” Did you know? A Louisville local,... read more

Planning & pink

October 15, 2015By

As you can see from this month’s cover, it’s our 12th annual Business Planner. This is the issue where we tap an array of industry experts to cover topics vital to growth. This year, we specifically asked them to write about the things they believe you must do during your planning period to have a successful 2016. There’s lots of... read more

In the weeds

October 15, 2015By

Atlanta-based Top Turf shares how it strives to achieve quality by focusing on weed control. If there’s anything Kevin Bryan has learned in his 22 years running Top Turf, it’s this: success boils down to quality. And for Top Turf, that means focusing on weed control and employees. “Business-wise, the biggest challenge is always getting and keeping the best employees,”... read more

Licensed to landscape

September 13, 2015By
XYZ Landscaping Company

Should states require landscape contractor licensing? We look 
at the pros and cons. In a perfect world, Greg Winchel would be all for licensure in the green industry. The owner of Winchel Irrigation based in Grandville, Mich., sees the benefits: increased professionalism, consumer protection, the ability to raise prices and more. But the world isn’t perfect, so he’s torn. “Personally,... read more

Just say it

September 8, 2015By

Attend enough conferences about the landscape industry (or write enough stories about it) and you begin to hear many pieces of business wisdom repeated over and over. Much of it’s good and galvanizing when you hear it the first time. Some of it, though, starts to sound trite when you hear it repeatedly. That said, there’s one idea I’ve heard... read more