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Trugreen taps IBM Watson for personalized lawn care ads

March 7, 2018By

To help consumers develop lawn care plans that are specific to their lawns’ needs, TruGreen is tapping IBM Watson Advertising to create interactive, personalized digital advertising. TruGreen’s Watson ad is available on The Weather Channel app, weather.com and across HGTV properties. Consumers can discover their personalized lawn plan recommendation by simply starting a conversation in TruGreen’s artificial intelligence-powered ad, using... read more

Guest post: Stop aiming so low; go after the big fish

June 20, 2017By

Why is it that so many business owners and sales professionals put forth focus and effort toward obtaining the business of small, low-margin clientele, while completely ignoring the high-dollar “big-fish” opportunities? Much could be said on this topic (and rightfully so) from a philosophical perspective. Shoot for the stars. Be all that you can be. Dream big. You know the... read more

High Performance: Marketing strategies that reap results

February 13, 2017By

As I mentioned in last month’s blog post, marketing strategies are often ignored as marketers are in a rush to focus on marketing tactics. This is a big mistake. A key part of a marketing strategy is segmentation and targeting. Marketers who miss this important step are often disappointed with their marketing results and don’t know why. Without properly segmenting... read more

Recap: McKay Lighting Summit focuses on marketing

February 1, 2017By

Bright lights typically bring to mind big cities like New York City or Los Angeles, but from Jan. 18-19, Omaha, Neb., was the city of bright lights as it welcomed 21 landscape lighting professionals for the 4th annual Lighting Summit. Hosted by McKay Landscape Lighting Owner Jerry McKay, the two-day seminar was held at the Hyatt Place Hotel in downtown Omaha and focused... read more

High Performance: The heart of marketing

January 10, 2017By

It’s January and the green industry marketing machine is beginning to hum. Renewals, mailers, social media campaigns, email blasts, call centers, etc., are either in motion or being prepared. It’s an exciting time, filled with anticipation of a great year ahead of us. When we think about marketing, we generally think about all the promotional activities I mentioned above, along... read more

Korhan launches Landscape Digital Institute

July 6, 2016By

Jeff Korhan launched the Landscape Digital Institute, an online digital marketing training community for green industry professionals. Korhan is a former landscape business owner, author, speaker and small business digital marketing consultant. “The green industry has been the soul of my entrepreneurial career, so I decided it was time to bring my expertise and experience home to help the people... read more