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Marketing Mojo: 3 ways to up your team’s listening skills to boost your sales

October 16, 2023By
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Instead of using technology, Jeff Korhan advises readers to consider these traditional practices guaranteed to make meaningful human connections and maximize productivity and outcomes. read more

Marketing Mojo: Unlock the power of AI tools to make your business smarter

April 25, 2023By
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Jeff Korhan shares how landscape operations can use AI platforms like ChatGPT to streamline tedious processes. read more

Marketing Mojo: Use strategy to gain a competitive edge for your business

February 9, 2023By
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Jeff Korhan explains how the distinction between strategy and planning is vitally important for achieving your company goals and objectives. read more

Marketing Mojo: Enhance your company’s value with these strategic moves

December 27, 2022By
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Jeff Korhan says instead of planning for the market conditions your company expects for 2023, you can proactively influence them to favor your strengths. read more

Marketing Mojo: How to get paid for work clients expect for free

September 19, 2022By
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Change orders can be challenging but Jeff Korhan says they also offer the opportunity to strengthen customer relationships and can be profitable upsells. read more

Sustainable growth practices every business leader should know

June 15, 2022By
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As businesses grow, the stakes go up, and that can be scary but Jeff Korhan shares the practices seasoned professionals rely on to protect their companies. read more