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Marketing Mojo: Fix this marketing gap to close more sales

March 5, 2020By

Are there gaps in your marketing? We all have a few from time to time. The danger is not knowing where they are or what to do about them. Serious marketers close these gaps the way professional athletes fix their weaknesses. They commit to a plan and track their progress toward accomplishing key activities. Every business needs marketing. The problem... read more

Communication Coach: Make your project presentation stand out

August 27, 2019By
Design marketing proposal (Photo:

Jeff Korhan talks about why landscape professionals should "put on a little show" in their landscape project presentations in order to make the sale. read more

Communication Coach: Why marketing is hard and how to fix it

April 30, 2019By
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Be aware of when a key marketing channel is neglected, and strategize way to fix it to develop a stronger marketing foundation for your business. read more

Marketing Mojo: How to make marketing that attracts the right customers

March 22, 2019By
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You’ve been there from the beginning. You attracted the first customers. You created a culture that made them happy. You handpicked team members who believed in that culture. Everything was clicking. Over time, new challenges popped up. You tried to keep the culture alive, but somehow it faded. If only you could get that magic back and your people surrounded... read more

5 marketing tricks, treats

October 16, 2018By

I’m often tasked with putting together integrated marketing communication plans that encompass several platforms across a variety of media. Growing up in the green industry has given me a lot of experience with different platforms. I’ve learned some marketing and advertising endeavors are “tricks” and several platforms can be “treats.” Tricks 1. Home service websites. The good thing about these... read more

How to get results from your marketing agency

July 12, 2017By
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Growing up in this industry, I’ve had the unique perspective to really get to know and understand the plight of a green industry business owner from my family member’s landscaping company. One issue he faced was working with a variety of marketing firms that promised to deliver leads and sales, often to varying degrees of success. I now sit on... read more