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Grow with Grunder: Becoming a small giant

December 1, 2018By

Marty Grunder reflects on the idea of small giants and why some companies choose to be great instead of big. Learn more about Vermeer here. Video shot by: Matthew Allen read more

Grow with Grunder: How to get home by 5

November 30, 2018By
Clock at 5 p.m. | Photo: iStock.com/idrutu

All of us at The Grow Group enjoyed an exciting few days of presenting, learning and having fun at GIE last month. One of the talks I delivered was called “Home by 5,” and we had a packed house for it. Why? Because we’re all struggling to juggle the demands of work and time away. We all feel as if... read more

4 steps for planning to succeed

November 8, 2018By

In a class I took years ago at Aileron, a learning center for entrepreneurs, the facilitator told us again and again, “All planning is good.” He said it so frequently I wrote it down in my notebook and underlined it, not realizing at the time how important this simple bit of advice would prove. It’s now 20 years later, and... read more

Grow with Grunder: Why Grunder Landscaping put a new focus on training

November 1, 2018By

Discover why Marty Grunder, president and CEO of Grunder Landscaping Co., decided to spend more money on training in the last three years than the last three decades. Video shot by: Matthew Allen read more

2018 Fall Field Trip to Grunder Landscaping Co.

October 24, 2018By

See how Grunder Landscaping has become one of the most successful companies of its kind in the Midwest. Whether you’re a small shop looking to get bigger or a fast-growing operation in search of tighter control, you’ll leave with a fresh understanding of the systems and processes you need to get you where you want to go. The team limits... read more

Great Ideas: Improve your time management

October 23, 2018By

“Until We Can Manage Time, We Can Manage Nothing Else.” These words of wisdom come from the late, great management guru Peter Drucker, and for me they really hit home. Because while there are many strategies for improving your business, you won’t succeed at any of them if you don’t first figure out how to manage your time, and your... read more