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Grow with Grunder: The Loving way

January 14, 2020By
Charlotte, N.C., skyline (Photo: Kruck20/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

My team at The Grow Group, the green industry consultancy I run, is busy now putting the finishing touches on our annual conference. Scheduled for Feb. 24-26 in Charlotte, N.C., Grow! 2020 will bring together landscape pros from around the country for three days of interactive programming focused on real-world solutions to the challenges owners and their teams face. We’ll... read more

Grow with Grunder: Start the new year with your win-back list

January 6, 2020By

Marty Grunder shares details about creating a win-back list. Here’s how you can win back some of your business that you may have lost. Learn more about Vermeer mini skid-steers here. Transcription below. “Well good morning, good afternoon, good evening, wherever the case may be, this is Marty Grunder for Landscape Management magazine. Hey listen — one of the things... read more

The keys to success in 2020 and beyond

December 23, 2019By
Roadmap with the years 2019-2022 (Photo: tortoon/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

My team at The Grow Group, the green industry consultancy I run, is hard at work right now gearing up for our Grow! Annual Conference for landscape pros who are serious about moving their careers and their businesses forward. Scheduled for Feb. 24-26 in Charlotte, N.C., the 2020 conference will be my 25th year putting on this event. It’s expanded... read more

Make the most of winter

December 12, 2019By
Photo: iStock.com/Leonid Ikan

One of the questions I’ve been asked the most in my 35 years of running a landscaping company is “Marty, just what do you do in the winter?” Those outside our industry seem to think I head south for three months of sun and fun (ha!), while many inside our industry want to know how I make the most of... read more

Marty’s Super Sales Bootcamp

December 10, 2019By

Tired of spending all your time and effort on sales you just can’t seem to close? Losing out on jobs because you can’t schedule them as fast as clients want? Getting beat on price? At a loss for how to generate leads that deliver? Marty Grunder, president and CEO of Grunder Landscaping Co., has faced each of these obstacles head-on... read more

Grow with Grunder: Give thanks to the people your business depends on

November 26, 2019By

If you’re like me, you’re glad to see November roll around every year. For those of us not in the south, our busy season is at last winding down and we finally get to catch our breath. In Ohio, where I live, the weather is usually mild enough to still enjoy some time outdoors. And then there’s Thanksgiving, hands-down the best day... read more