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Netafim unveils Techline HCVXR

June 15, 2016By

Netafim USA expanded its Techline landscape dripline product catalogue with the addition of Techline HCVXR, featuring built-in root intrusion protection technology. Netafim’s Techline HCVXR infuses Cupron copper oxide directly into the mold of each emitter to provide a chemical-free, nontoxic root barrier for subsurface drip irrigation systems, the manufacturer said. Available in four flow rates and with a 15-year warranty... read more

Considering converting to drip?

November 7, 2014By

Suppliers weigh in… “Maintenance on a dripline system is a piece of cake. There are no nozzles or rotors to get out of adjustment.  No need to worry about foot traffic kicking over sprinklers. The only fear customers have is that when the dripline is buried they won’t know something is wrong until a plant is suffering.”          —Mauricio Troche, director of... read more

Netafim takes product catalog, price list to mobile app

October 2, 2014By

Netafim USA released a new mobile app for its landscape and turf catalog and price list. The app provides details on system layouts, product specifics and current pricing for Netafim’s complete line of drip irrigation and water conservation products. Users also can email pages directly from the app, locate a Netafim distributor, request assistance from a Netafim professional and access the... read more

Netafim rolls out new smart controllers for landscapes

April 4, 2014By

Netafim USA ushered in a new line of intuitive, web-based, smart controllers for the landscape industry: Netafim Landscape Controllers (NLC). Developed exclusively for Netafim by Tucor, the NLC are multi-function landscape controllers that determine the watering needs of specific landscapes by incorporating historical and current weather data and real-time data from soil moisture sensors. The NLC series also offers an... read more

Netafim allies with Tucor to produce landscape controllers

December 30, 2013By

Netafim USA and Tucor have formalized a strategic alliance agreement in which Tucor will develop new web-based smart control systems for Netafim’s landscape division. The Tucor systems will be marketed by Netafim and will include controllers with multi-function capabilities, including conventional, two-wire (decoder) and hybrid operation. The controllers will be applicable to new and retrofit installations. “Netafim’s new controller product... read more