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Re-lamped: Halogen to LED conversions

September 4, 2018By
Aftershot of house with lighting (Photo: Mckay Landscape Lighting)

With approximately 95 percent of all new landscape lighting installations being LED, according to Kristoff Byrd, landscape lighting category manager for SiteOne Landscape Supply, LEDs themselves are not necessarily a trend. “LED is much more efficient, lasts longer and is much easier to install and maintain for a contractor than halogen,” he says. “As LED prices have dropped, more and... read more

What to know before purchasing landscape lighting or irrigation products

November 8, 2017By
Photo:Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah

Landscape lighting and irrigation services have some differences. Electricity and water don’t exactly mix. But contractors who offer these services have a few things in common: They both want to provide customers with the best coverage while conserving resources. That hasn’t changed, although the products for these services have evolved. Both are becoming more efficient and tapping into the advances... read more

Finding focus

July 9, 2013By

How three companies flourish by sticking to a niche. Many businesses adopt the “one-stop shop” approach, either with strategic intent to offer convenience and sell more products and services to existing customers or simply because they have trouble saying no. In any case, some companies can offer the Jack-of-all-trades approach and prosper. (Think: Walmart, among others). But some—like Erbert Lawns,... read more