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Profit Power: How there’s more to success than just gold medals

August 17, 2021By
(Photo: PeskyMonkey / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Jeffrey Scott says businesses need to measure success by more than achievements and shares more valuable metrics to evaluate your business's performance. read more

Leading: How to measure what matters

July 26, 2017By

It’s exciting to lead a talented and energized team, working together in an environment of mutual respect and trust. For the leader to get the most out of all that effort, however, requires a conscious effort to measure what matters. Without clarity regarding goals and what constitutes “success,” a team cannot sustain a high level of performance over time. Human... read more

Profit Power: 4 measures of success for any owner

June 1, 2015By

Are your business and life successful in the four ways that matter most? After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs and deeply exploring their objectives, life goals and desires for their businesses and personal lives, I find they are ultimately driven by four measures. Let me start by saying I won’t address their passion for the work they’re doing, the customers... read more

How to measure efficiency

October 22, 2014By

Another day, another tool forgotten at the shop. Someone left the site to drive back to get it. Then someone else had to drive to a vendor to get more stakes. The Simpson job was supposed to be finished in five days, but it’s day seven and counting. The mistakes never stop, but is this normal? Just how bad, or... read more

The leadership/ growth connection

December 3, 2013By

One of my clients has a leadership approach that’s limited his company’s ability to grow and attract quality talent. He is fair, but often manages with stern, in-your-face comments, is never wrong, is certainly impatient and is just negative at times. Sound familiar? To his credit, he’s changing after I pointed out his weaknesses, but the scenario leads to the... read more