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How Bill Dysert learned to step away from the business

April 2, 2015By

Bill Dysert, founder and president of landscape company Exscape Designs in Chardon, Ohio, discusses how he was inspired by “The E-Myth Revisited” by Michael Gerber, and how eventually he was able to take a step back from his business. View LM’s March cover story on Dysert and his company here. Watch “Bill Dysert’s approach to working with partners” here. Watch... read more

February 2014 Web Extra: Why is it so difficult to ‘work on the business?’

February 24, 2014By

Here’s one more question and answer from the exclusive Landscape Management interview with Michael Gerber, author of legendary small business book The E-Myth. For the rest of the interview, read “Beyond The E-Myth“ from the February issue of LM. LM: I believe you coined one of the phrases that I’ve heard landscape professionals quote very often—“work on the business, not in... read more

Business book giveaway

February 14, 2014By

Landscape Management is hosting a business book giveaway in-hand with our February 2014 issue. To nab a tome, keep an eye on LM’s Facebook and Twitter accounts and respond to the posts mentioning the book you’d like to win (Tweets will include the hashtag #LMBusinessBooks). Responses via favorites, retweets, mentions, Facebook comments, likes and shares all qualify. Winners will be... read more

February 2014 Web Extra: Six minutes of time [excerpt from ‘The E-Myth Landscape Contractor’]

February 11, 2014By

Let’s explore the financial impact of wasted time. We will start with a simple question. Is it possible that in your company, your employees waste as much as six minutes of time per day? Is it possible? Right now, I want you to ask yourself this very question. I have asked this question of seminar attendees more than 200 times.... read more

Recommended reading

February 10, 2014By

The Pew Research Center reported last month that nearly a quarter (23 percent) of American adults had not read a single book in the past year (that includes e-books and audiobooks). This number has nearly tripled since 1978, when Gallup reported only 8 percent of the population was non-book-readers. That figure hovered between 13 percent and 18 percent between 1990... read more

Beyond ‘The E-Myth’

February 10, 2014By

The Landscape Management interview with the author of the legendary book.  When I started writing about and for small business owners nine years ago, one phrase I heard pop up time after time was the importance of “working on your business not in your business.” When I finally discovered where it originated—The E-Myth—I shouldn’t have been surprised. That book and... read more