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Complete Landscaping Systems buyer drops out

September 26, 2013By

Rick Hodge, a Wichita, Kan.-based bankruptcy attorney, renounced his plans to purchase majority assets of Complete Landscaping Systems, also based in Wichita, because the company failed to produce a title free of lien or levy from creditors. At the beginning of September—and on the heels of several lawsuits against Complete—Hodge reportedly was planning to buy 90 percent of the assets... read more

Side by side

June 17, 2013By

Two landscape industry competitors decide to share space and find a whole lot more than they bargained for. They say “If you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em.” Or, if you’re Laura McMurray and Michael Ackerman, join in matrimony. When the competing landscaping business owners decided to share space to save money, they ended up sharing so much more. “Ultimately, the... read more