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Grow with Grunder: The importance of defining your company’s ‘why’

February 18, 2022By
Graphic: Creative Stock/ DigitalVision Vectors/Getty Images

Marty Grunder of Grunder Landscaping Co. examines the importance of a strong vision statement and mission statement in defining your company's 'why?' read more

How to build wealth

February 21, 2016By
Healthy, wealthy, wise. Photo: © Brey

A wise old man once told me your definition of wealth will change as you accumulate it and grow older. In my work with large and small contracting firms, I’ve discovered four types of wealth that are measurements of success. You might place these in a different order, but I’m sure you’ll think of all four throughout your life: personal... read more

February 2014 Web Extra: ‘How We SERV’

February 24, 2014By

Landscape industry subcontracting guru Terry Delany of Fayetteville, Ark.-based GroundSERV, who was featured in the February 2014 “1-Minute Mentor” department, attributes part of his company’s success to its commitment to helping subcontractors (aka “strategic partners”) make money. “The minute you start investing in (subcontractors), the profit will come naturally to you,” says Delany, whose business outsources all of its production... read more